Saturday, 20 December 2014

My "Chunky Seashell Scarf (by Nicki Trench)" is done !!!

My friend Alison completed hers some days ago using a wonderful bright pink and I love it!!!!

My scarf required a little more time to finish it, even because it's more bigger than the one proposed in the original pattern (you can have a look here!) …

I crocheted it using a 6,5 mm hook with a selection of yarns (bought last year in Jakarta!) from Wendy Quasar Chunky , that are soft and easy to work with! The scarf is really cosy and warm!!! You know, we are going to London next week, so I needed something like this huge scarf ( length : 232 cm, width : 32 cm !!!!!!!) .

So, the scarf is done …

…. and as my friend Ali, I preferred to add some scallops (in cream) along the straight side of the beginning and it was easy to do …

…. and even if it seems huge (oh well, it is!!!), you can wear it easily because of the softness of the yarn …

xxxx Alessandra

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Saturday, 13 December 2014

This week ….

…. has been busy!!!!

Let it go about the discussions (by telephone and in person) had with the vet ….. Long story, I only hope my cat gets better in few days ….

On Wednesday, my "little" Tobia had  (with all the grade 6 Design Technology class!) the "Cultural Snack" presentation from 8am to 10:30am and the parents were all invited to participate ….
It was funny how to see the minimal presentation set by the boys, while the girls were more aware of the importance of a good eye-catching table …..
Tobia prepared for the occasion spaghetti with tuna …. it's not a proper snack, but my boy insisted :"It's so good mamma!"….

Then, I started a new crochet project, something for myself, following a pattern by Nicki Trench on a book that I own and that Alison made me remember of !!!! Thank you Ali !!!
This is what my hook is crocheting…..

I've just added a new colour yesterday ….

The pattern is "Chunky Seashell Scarf" from the book "Cute & Easy Crochet".
I'm using a 6,5 mm hook and my foundation chain is made of 38 stitches, so that I'm having 6 shells (instead of just 3) for each row.
A part from the fact this is not a monochromatic scarf, I think I will add something at the ends of it ….

As you all know, Christmas is approaching, so we decorated our new home for the occasion…

…. and someone is attempting a christmas mood in the Grinch style ….

Our festive mood was reinvigorated last night, while celebrating Saint Lucy …

…. the boys found a pair of wrist warmers, a couple of decorations for the tree and an airplane ticket to reach London just after Christmas …. imagine the excitement!!!!
…. Obviously, "Saint Lucy" is going to London, too …. !!!! ;oD

Before leaving, I have to send a big THANK YOU to Marijke, who selected me as one bloggers to deserve an appreciation for my blog : I'm always so overwhelmed when this happens !!! Thank you my dear Marijke with all my heart!

xxxx Alessandra

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Make it ! Snowman decoration !!!

…. How cute is it ????

I think I really love it, because of its simplicity and sweet smile …. do you agree, too ?

As Christmas is approaching, I thought I could share with you another seasonal photo tutorial …

Hope to make you happy with this little guy!!!


  • if you are going to use some 8 ply acrylic yarns (from my stash : white and teal), you need even a 3,5mm hook
  • a pair of scissors
  • yarn needle
  • buttons
  • white cotton + needle to sew to buttons (as eyes) on 
  • a couple of stitch markers (optional)
Please remember that I follow the US crochet terminology !


To make the snowman's belly, you need to know how to crochet the FRONT POST double crochet stitch … Do you?
It's not a difficult stitch, but maybe you need to practice it a little bit …
As usual there are great video tutorials on YouTube : have a look !!!

To crochet my snowman's belly, I've followed the pattern of the "Post Stitch Spoke Wheel", that I have on the book "150 Knit & Crochet Motifs" by Heather Lodinsky. The only difference with the original pattern is that I use 2 different colours to make the motif pops out !

If you never crocheted this stitch before, I suggest you to try just using one colour. When your confidence is grown, then try the two colours option !!! ;oD

Ready to start ???


I follow the "Post Stitch Spoke Wheel" pattern until round 4. I skip rounds 5 and 6. My round 5 is the same as round 7 in the given pattern, but with less stitches (48, not 72!).

Another difference with the given pattern : I don't start my rounds with a "chain 3". In fact, I chain 1 and then I crochet my first double crochet (= chain 3) ! 

Collect your hook and the teal yarn, make a slip knot on the hook and chain 4. Make a slip stitch in the first chain to form a ring.

ROUND 1 : chain 1 and crochet 12 double crochets . Make a slip stitch on the top of first double crochet to close this round.

ROUND 2 : you need to join the new colour (=white), so chain 1 using it and make a double crochet .
Overlap the teal yarn (over the white one) and crochet your first Front Post double crochet (FPdc).

Each time you have to crochet a traditional double crochet, you have to overlap the white yarn over the teal one. When you have to crochet a FPdc, instead, you have to overlap the teal yarn over the white one.
Your half second round will be like the following :

and at its end (not yet close) :

Close this round using the white yarn, making a slip stitch in the top of your first double crochet.

ROUND 3 : after the slip stitch to close the round, overlap teal over white, overlap white over teal, chain 1 and crochet 1 double crochet. Overlap teal, overlap white and make a double crochet in next stitch, overlap teal and crochet your first FPdc. Overlap white and crochet a double crochet in next stitch. Anyway, follow the given pattern!

After the last FPdc, overlap the white yarn over the teal one and make a slip stitch in the top of the first double crochet. Third round is done and you can cut the teal yarn, leaving a tail to trim in.

 ROUND 4 : Just follow the pattern : you are crocheting only with the white yarn.

ROUND 5 : it's our last round ! You need to crochet 1 half double crochet in each stitch, but only in the back loops ! In this way, you'll create a nice ridge along the base of this round. When the last half double crochet is done, make a slip stitch in the top of your first chain 2. 
Cut the yarn, fasten off and trim in the ends.


You need to crochet just 3 rounds of a traditional circle with double crochets, using the white yarn.
You have to stop when stitch #33 (of the third round) is done !

I invite you to follow my photo tutorial of Saint Nick ornaments, where I explain how to crochet Saint Nick's face. You follow the same steps even for the Snowman! Choose the 3 stitches of the body between any couple of FPdcs !

Once you have done the 3 DCs to join the two parts, make a slip stitch on the top of your first double crochet of the third round of the face ! Cut the yarn, fasten off and trim in the ends.


Pick up a couple of buttons, some white cotton thread and the right needle for the buttons holes!
Sew them on, almost in the centre of the circle/face.


This time you need to use the teal yarn!

Follow the pattern/photo tutorial here, where I explain how to crochet Saint Nick Hat !

For your snowman, you need 2 pieces of hat : front and back !

The "back" hat is the one with the loop, while the "front" hat is a little bit different : same pattern as the other one, but instead of the loop, you have to chain 10 and make 6 double crochets in the third chain from the hook  (make a slip stitch to join).

How to sew them on your snowman :

You put the back piece with its back on the back of the face, while the front piece has to be placed over, with the front in front of you!!!! ;oD
Sew them together  using a matching yarn and simple stitches.



Use a little piece of the teal yarn and with the help of a yarn needle, make it pass along the DCs (in and out) between the 3rd and 2nd rounds. Fix this smile with little knots on the back  .

This is it !!!!!!
 How much do you love your little guy ????? Let me know ! ;oD

Note that using the FPdc, you can crochet even some eye catching ornaments like the following :

Have fun crocheting, xxxx Alessandra

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