Friday, 22 August 2014

About my crocheting….

….. it's seems I'm a bit lazy with my hooks lately, in part it's true and in part it's not…

I'm working a colourful piece of fabric ( just look above!) in which double crochet stripes ( in red and hot pink) alternate single crochet ones ( in blue, lime green, peach and pink !), but still I'm not sure what  I'm crocheting……

…. and I don't feel the urge to complete this "thing"! I'm very relaxed about everything lately, probably because it's about time to feel in this way!!! The big move is done and we are simply waiting for our stuff to be at home with us…. after that, we'll surely feel at home again!!!

I think I have to enjoy this quiet time…. kids are "back" (well, they started school in a new one!) to school and have, once again, a routine to follow and some new friends that make this transition smooth and enjoyable… They have started even afternoon activities and Kayaking in the sea is a cool discovery!!!

My husband is back to work, too and the fact that the office is just few minutes away from home and that we have lunch together one day yes, and day no, well this is quite good too!!!

Margot is doing what cats always do : not much, apart sleeping a huge amounts of hours every day!!! ;oD

As you can see from my latest posts, I'm doing the tourist in the meantime : so many things to discover here and in the surroundings …. my agenda is busy and every day I add something more to do, while ticking off what I was allowed to do (the museu nacional de art and the museu de la revolucao are closed for renovation…I discovered all that while in front of closed doors of both museums!) ….

…. and having enough of the stripes, I decided to start a different pattern on one side of my colourful piece of fabric : one row made of single crochet stitches, followed by one row of classic filet….

…. well, it was about time to relax and enjoy life, right ?

Have a wonderful weekend, xxxx Alessandra

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Museu Nacional de Geologia de Maputo (MNG)

On Tuesday, I had another cultural visit!

This museum is open daily ( except Mondays), with different opening hours and its building was intended to accommodate a synagogue when edificated.
The MNG presents two sections, geological and industrial.
The geological section has different collections : mineralogy (precious stones), stratigraphy (rocks divided in formations and relative geological eras) and minerals of economical interest.
In the first room, you have some informations about the history of our Earth and a little collection of fossils from Mozambique, while in the second room you find maps about the geology of this country.
In the third room ( divided into 5 sections), you can see the macro & micro characteristics of some rocks; crystallography with some didactic models; identification properties of minerals and a dark window where are put some minerals with natural radioactivity, that you can observe when you with on an ultraviolet lamp!
In the fourth room, instead, there is a collection of minerals from Mozambique and in the fifth one you find rocks and minerals that have some interest in the industrial sector.
(more informations in this article, in portoguese : here)

After paying the ticket, even here, I was allowed to take some pictures…. Enjoy the visit!!!!

xxxx Alessandra

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Again on the beach….

….. but this time the tide was not low, just a little bit and Tobia had " to fight" with some footballers to keep "his land" for some sand "castle-ing"…. He didn't win and he was upset….. You know kids, right? ;oD
Some pictures were taken…..

xxxx Alessandra


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