Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Dear Friends,

…. I have to leave my blog for a while….

…. not because I'm tired of blogging or of you all : NEVER !!!! ….

….. but I, Paolo, Matteo, Tobia and Margot …..

….. are leaving Jakarta…. yes, we are !!!!!! After 4 years of being in Indonesisia….

….. we are moving to a new HOME, another exotic place, btw….

….. our next destination is MAPUTO in MOZAMBIQUE …. !!!!! ……

We are really really really busy at the moment, so I need to concentrate myself on all the things "big move" related….. I have no time for blogging, you see…..

… I really hope to see you all soon, maybe in the late August or September, when we'll be in our new home !!!!
I'll try to visit your blogs when time will allow me !!!!!

xxxx Alessandra

…..P.S. sweet friends, you are just wonderful!!!!! Thank you for all your lovely comments!!!

… and I even found the time, between a furniture sale and some packing, to finish my last crochet work …

I've followed this pattern using a 3,5 mm and making a foundation chain of 190 stitches !!!!
I changed the colours every two rows ( total : 12 rows ).

The neck warmer / cowl has a scallop edge on the side and various and colourful slip stitches to embellish the front of the work: both top and bottom show some picots and single crochet stitches to make them firm and more interesting!!!!

…. again xxxxx Alessandra

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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Mini granny squares into a cowl !!!!

… I have only KNITTED one cowl before ( here and here ), not crocheted one….. never ….

….. but from today I can say that : I DID IT !

It all started with crocheting some granny squares ( 3 rounds each, with a 3,5mm hook), in 3 different colours ( light grey, turquoise and teal ), joined together with the "join as you go" method, forming some rectangles…

…. it was an easy project to crochet and so relaxing at the same time …..

I choose to work 3 stripes for my cowl and each one is made of 6 "rectangles".
In a couple of days it was completed and sewn …

…. and I had to try it on !!!! …..

…. but I was not able to leave it as it was …. so imagine what happened next….

I choose a fourth colour ( black : beautiful colour, but a nightmare to see the stitches …. sigh! ) and I crocheted 1 simple row with granny shells, one for the top and for the bottom of the cowl …

…. honestly, I couldn't avoid to crochet even a pompom edge ….. so sorry …. ;oD !!!!! ….

… I have then added some black whip stitches around the light grey rectangles ….

… and tried again on me ….

…. my dummy friend was getting a little bit envious, so …. I had to share …..

…. you know, we are such good friends ….. !!!!!!!

xxxx Alessandra

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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

"A" belt !!!!!

Last weekend I was tempted to crochet something new ( as I never did one before !) without following a pattern, but writing one "on the go"…… A little challenge is good from time to time!!!!

The idea developed after looking an "old" pattern of mine ( do you remember this ?) ….. I decided to use the concept for something different, like a belt ( or even a bracelet !!!!! )….

I collected a 3,5mm hook and some colourful yarns from my basket…. maybe too many colours for a simple project like this ( I'm not really fond of my caramel yarn….), but the idea to follow was : TRY !!!
With the blue I crocheted 200 chains and I worked a looooong oval with double crochets ( I follow the US crochet terms), with 5 stitches in each curve.
The second round was made in caramel, with increasing stitches in both curves ( I crocheted 2 double crochets in each stitch of the first round of the curve, reaching 10 stitches per curve).
To embellish the centre of the work, I decided to use some hot pink in a chain of slip stitches ….

…. as you can see from the above pictures, I didn't stop with a pink line, I preferred to experiment some more, so I didn't cut the yarn and I slip stitched some extra "waves" that resemble a line of "A"s ….
…. and being my name Alessandra, I thought it was really good !!!!! ;oD

Then, I added a purple border all around ( made of single crochets ) and some more slip stitches with the grey ….

….. And last night, I finally crocheted the ties ( each one made chaining 72 stitches and working a row of half double crochets end embellished with a row of single crochets! ) ….

…. so now the "A" belt is wearable ….

…. another idea …. ????? …..

xxxxx Alessandra

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