Saturday, 19 April 2014

A postcard for you all !!!

From this …

…. to this ….

Enjoy the Easter weekend, wherever you are !!!!

xxxx Alessandra

…. this choco bunny is the right coaster for a hot cup of chocolate or for a bowl full of mini easter eggs!!!

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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

TA-DAH : a waist apron for a FOXY LADY !!!!!!

What do you say ????? Did you ever think about that ?????? ;oD
A lot of you thought about blankets ( why not ? Maybe the next one!!!), I was thinking, at the very beginning, at a tea set and then at a "Linus blanket" ( do you remember The Peanuts ? Charlie Brown? Snoopy? etc…..!), but then I had this idea : a waist apron…. mumble mumble…. is it possible?
I had to try and so I did !!!!

What I liked about the idea was that it was really simple to carry out !!! In few hours it was done !!!!

My "model" helped me to take a lot of pictures, just to show you how it fits on ….

The first thing that I added to my foxy fabric was the edging ( figured out by myself!!!), starting from one side (red), then the bottom (blue) and last the other side (purple)…

How to crochet the edging :

I took a 2,5mm hook (same size used for the panel) and with the red yarn I made a slip knot on the hook. I started to work along the right side (when you wear it, but it is considered as the left side -tricky, I know- when you work on it!), inserting the hook in the corner of the square that will be used even to crochet the waistband of the apron ( see picture #6, starting from the top of this post).

In this corner, after inserting the hook, make a single crochet (US crochet terminology!).
In the first shell, made of 3 double crochets, make a slip stitch in the first stitch, then chain 3 and make a double crochet in the same stitch! In the second stitch, crochet only 1 double crochet. In the third (and last stitch of the shell) make 1 double crochet, chain 3 and crochet a slip stitch in the same stitch.
Make a single crochet in the chain-1 space of the mini granny square and then repeat the same pattern of the first shell in the second one.
Crochet a single crochet in the second corner of the square and make another single crochet in the first corner of the second mini granny square !
Repeat this simple pattern until the end of the side. In the last corner of the last square, after the single crochet is done, simply fasten off !
Trim in all the ends.

I wanted this apron to be frivolous, but not too much, that's why I opted for a "squared" edging rather than one with scallops.

If you prefer a more "lacey" result, just change the pattern crocheted in each shell:
slip stitch in 1st stich, then chain 3
double crochet in 2nd stitch, then chain 3
slip stitch in 3rd stitch

I would love to hear from you about your choices and experiments! ;oD

What about the waistband and the two ribbon-like strips to tie at the back/front ???

This time I worked with 2 strands of yarn (black and pink) and with a 4mm hook, to make both the waistband and the strips more durable.

Waistband and strips

Working with the front facing you, make a slip knot on the hook and insert it in the first corner of the first granny square at the top right. Make a slip stitch and chain 3, then 1 double crochet in the same starting corner. You are going to crochet shells made of 2 double crochets each, with no chain-1 spaces in the between.
When you reach the second corner of each square, just crochet 1 double crochet and do the same in the adjacent first corner of the next granny square : these two "separated" DCs will form a shell!
You'll finish this first row of DCs shells with a shell in the last corner of the last granny square.
Turn your work and chain 3, then crochet 1 double crochet in each stitch until the end of this row (2nd row).
Turn your work again and chain 3. Repeat the same pattern used in row 2.
At the end of row 3 don't fasten off, but crochet 5 or 6 single crochets along the lateral edge of the waistband: you are going to crochet your first strip of the apron! Turn your work and crochet 5/6 DCs in the previous single crochets. repeat this row until you reach the desired length for your strip. I worked 55 rows and to finish the strip nicely I made one scallop ! Fasten off .
To start the second strip, make a slip knot on the hook and attach the yarn at the base of the waistband at the other side of your work (front facing you). Make 5/6 single crochets and repeat the same pattern used for the first strip (scallop included). Fasten off.
Trim in all the ends.

To find out all the links "foxy" related, please look HERE !!!!! Thank you !!!!

xxxx, Alessandra

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Sunday, 13 April 2014

"YAY!" my fox says !!!

When I left you last time, I was starting to work on row 11, that  was completed in a blink of the eye …

Then followed : row 12 …

row 13 …

and row 14 …

….  and these pics show you the muzzle's details developed little by little ….

…. and then the last row, # 15 was DONE ……

I think I can share with you some exhaustive facts about this piece of work, as promised last time we met !!!! ;oD

The original design is not mine. In fact, the inspiration comes from a pencil case named Freddy the Fox Zipper Bag/ Case/ Pouch (herehandmade by tinymeat . I made a sketch on a squared paper, that had gone under some changes from the original :

  • I preferred to use just a pale orange for the fox, no yellow added
  • the top of the tail has one more square/pixel
  • the ears have a different shape (but same number of squares/pixels)
  • blue eyes instead of black ones
  • the point of the chin is white, no orange
  • I've added the word FOX
  • I decided to change one orange square/pixel into a white one, for the top of the fox chest
  • I reduced the columns from 22 to 21, just avoiding a neck for the fox
This piece of fabric measures : 70cmX50cm,  with a base made with 21 granny squares (as each row) and columns of 15 grannies each. There are 315 granny squares in total.
Colours used : hot pink (background, 197 squares)
                        orange (main colour for the fox, 63 squares)
                         black (paws/legs, nose, letters, 38 squares)
                         white (tail, muzzle, belly, chest, 15 squares)
                          blue (eyes, 2 squares)

This is the scheme followed ( I started to work from the base to the top, from left to right ) ;

If you prefer, you could add some extras like a blue sky, some clouds or green grass ….

In the above option, the numbers of the grannies for the background can be reduced to 170, adding 27 green ones instead !!!

Each granny square is made of just two rounds and one colour each time, as follow (US crochet terms) :
make a slip knot on the hook, chain 4 and slip stitch in the first chain to form a ring.
first round : chain 3 and crochet 2 double crochets (you have your first shell), (chain 3 + 3 DCs)* 3 times, chain 3 and slip stitch in the top of the first "chain 3" of this round.
second round : with the same yarn chain 4 and in the first corner : 3 DCs, chain 3, 3 DCs, chain 1. Repeat from the first 3 Dcs to chain 1 for the following two corners.  In the fourth corner : 3 DCs, chain 3, 2 DCs and make a slip stitch in the 3rd stitch of the first " chain 4". Fasten off.
I made a photo tutorial for a basic granny square, but this was intended for a multicoloured one !

The granny squares have been joined little by little, using the classic join as you go method. If you need any good tutorial to look at, I suggest you the ones from herehereherehere and a video found here !!!!!

All the tails from each granny, were trimmed while working. I started to trim after each square was done, but this way was too slow. So I decided to trim groups of tails ( more or less, 6 squares at a time) and it was mandatory to complete this work at the end of each row. If not, I didn't start a new row !!!!
If you need some good tips, have a look here !!!!

At this point you have all the informations you need to crochet your own fox, but I know that the curious ones would love to have an idea what I'm going to do with my fox….. ;OD

Well, at this right moment I know what my fox will be, but…..
I need a new blog post to reveal this last step !!!!!!

You can find the other foxy posts just browsing herehere and here !!!!!

xxxx, Alessandra

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Saturday, 5 April 2014

work continues !!!!!

From last week (here), you can see my "foxy" progress ……

row 8 !

…. and this is row 9 :

…. this morning, row 10 was completed, too ….

…. actually, I'm working on row 11, but I'll show you the last rows (total : 15) next week, adding even all the details about the project…. if you are interested !!!! ;oD

HAPPY WEEKEND GIRLS !!! xxxxx Alessandra

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Friday, 4 April 2014

A thunderstorm is coming …..

….. so some wind has scattered some leaves around, mostly in the swimming pool ….

…. now, while writing this post, the sky is really dark and it's raining cats and dogs !!!!!

xxxx, Alessandra


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